Bryan's Little Corner of Hell

Welcome to my Little Corner of Hell... Here you will find various things that interest me.
I've had this website on the web since 1994 in one incarnation or another. It's wandered from the UCCS webservers to three or four other servers over the years. After almost 10 years without a facelift, I opted for a complete overhaul, as the previous incarnations were done in HTML 3.2. The pages probably still look as if an Engineer used his "sterile look and feel wand" to bless the site, but I truthfully don't care. I'm attempting to provide relevant content instead of flash and pretty interfaces.
Like many folks, I have hobbies that define me, outside of my chosen career. I enjoy non-technical outlets, such as calligraphy, painting, stone carving, woodworking, fencing, motorcycles, firearms, and photography. Truthfully, I have more hobbies than time or money. But, I enjoy each hobby to the best of my ability.
One of my strongest hobbies is reading. I read everything from history books to fictional novels in various genres.