Bryan's Little Corner of Hell

When I was younger, I believed I was "conservative" and believed in the Republican Party. Over the years, I figured out that I was not "conservative" and that the Republican Party did not represent what I believed in. I cast about, desperately searching for answers.
I met someone who told me about the Libertarian Party. We discussed our views of modern American politics and our respective philosophies on Individual freedom. Before long, I began to see things in the LP that appealed to me, while other things took a while longer to figure out.
On one of the forums I posted to regularly, someone told me about Ayn Rand and her novel, "Atlas Shrugged." I had never heard of either the author nor the book. I found a copy on Amazon and ordered it. The thick paperback book, with its microscopic print, arrived shortly and I began reading it. As I read the novel, things that Ayn Rand was saying clicked for me. I was already working my way down that path of being Objective and her writing opened up new areas to me, new ways of looking at things. Most important was the mantra, "when all else is equal, examine your premise." (I'm not quoting but paraphrasing to the best of my memory)
I quickly embraced small-L libertarianism, Objectivism, and sharpened my focus of the Individual. While I do not share Ayn Rand's dislike of religion, which bordered on the obsessive, I agree with much of her thought. I began to also see how our "free market" economy had been muddied with government interference. All of this dove-tailed quite nicely to my views on gun ownership and the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
So, without further ado, I'll do my best to maintain the list of resources located below:

Second Amendment Organizations

Articles and Papers on the Second Amendment

  • An English paper I wrote for Colorado Tech (modified) - "I Dial .45 Not 911" (30K) - believe it or not, I got an A in the course. Prof. Mayo was really open minded...unusual for an English Prof. ;-)