I wrote the following poem for my wife's paternal grandfather.  Both of my grandfathers died when I was very young, so I never got to know them nor do I remember much about them.

Grandpa Meis



My heart hurts,

my heart aches,

both for myself

and for those,

who feel this loss,

more keenly than I


I doubt I'll ever meet again,

a more honorable man,

a kinder heart,

a more gentle soul,

than this towering giant,

that loved us all.


My boys will never again,

sit upon his knees,

to listen to his stories,

or fall fast asleep

no more tickling him,

as we are about to leave.


A grandfather he was to me,

as I grew up with none,

But I'm a day late

and a dollar short,

and now I cannot tell him

how important he was.


My heart tells me

he would not want us

to grieve, overly long

rather celebrate his long life

and that up till the end,

he lived hale and strong


He accepted me

with open arms,

He warmed my heart

and opened my eyes,

and now I bid you a fond farewell

Grandpa Meis

Copyright 2014